Reclaim Your Time

Transform Your Routines and FINALLY Make Time

For Your Business, Your Family AND Yourself!

A step-by-step blueprint to planning your days and your life in order to focus on what's important to you, maximize your time and get more done.

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I know what it​'s like...

  • To always feel busy yet get nothing done
  • To feel like life is chaotic
  • To be pulled in a million directions at once
  • To have so much to do and so many priorities that nothing gets done well
  • To have no control over your days
  • To have no control over what you do with your time
  • To be frustrated and feel like you'll never get ahead

Your days fly by without anything to show for it.  Your to do list grows longer instead of shorter.

You're in survival mode - only putting out fires and getting the immediate necessary things done (like a load of laundry because Johnny ran out of doing a planned training without preparing).

It's a feeling of busyness without productivity...a feeling of chaos.  It's a feeling of frustration because you don't seem to ever be able to do the things that are important to you.  

Like spend quality time with your family/friends.  Like working towards your goals.  Like having a little time for yourself to do what YOU want.

Imagine this...

Imagine what it would be like to have a feeling of accomplishment and organization at the end of every day. 

Imagine what it would be like to go through your day without that chaotic overwhelming too busy feeling.

Imagine how it would feel to know that you’re going to have the time for the important things as well as the “must do’s”

Imagine how it would feel to know you’ll have time for everything that matters

Imagine what it would be like to be intentional with your time. 

This is all possible...I can help...

The way I see it is...

You can either complain about having too many responsibilities and being "too busy"....

OR you can create a plan that will help you manage it all without the overwhelm and stress.

How?  Reclaim Your Time will walk you through how to create an intentional schedule and method of operation for your days, your weeks...and your life.  Not just business. Not just family.  But everything your life encompasses.

When you do this, you will be more focused and you can achieve more in less time.  You can have more time for leisure, your family and your goals.

What is Reclaim Your Time

A system for your life; living a life with intention is essential to getting the life we have always wanted and to meeting our goals.

A blueprint for your intentional life and your intentional schedule.

A system you can use forever.  There is no need to recreate it again.  This system is set up so you can adjust as life adjusts.

A vehicle to a more peaceful, less chaotic life.  If you follow your plan most of the time, there is room for unpredictable distractions and situations.

The course is comprised of...

4-week course that walks you through how to create a schedule template that focuses on what's important to you, your priorities and goals as well as all of the other tasks we all need to get done (like paying the bills or getting an oil change).

7 Live video modules; Each video will be LIVE which allows you the opportunity to ask questions to ensure you understand the material and what your next step is.  Each video will guide you through a bite-sized piece of the schedule that you are creating.

Access and support; Because this course is LIVE, you'll be able to get your questions answered live.  But you'll also have daily access and support from me to keep you motivated, help you move through the process of creating your new schedule and help you implement it

Fast Acting Bonuses - Expire on Saturday, April 14 at midnight

30-minute one-on-one time audit review;  You get to choose when you want to have this call - before, during or after the course.  During this call, we can review what you've done so far and discuss your struggles and challenges and possible adjustments to what you're currently doing.

By the end of this course, you're going to walk away with a schedule template that you'll never have to create again.  I have broken the course down into bite-sized pieces so it's not overwhelming or will take up much of your already shortened time.  I mean, you're busy!  That's why you want the course!

I'm so excited I have created a daily and weekly schedule that is realistic and I can stick to! My biggest challenge is over-scheduling (thinking I can get more done in a time block than I really can), then I run out of time and get discouraged. I'm loving KNOWING I'm going to have some down time and time off in my schedule.


It feels GREAT to have KNOWN dedicated time and a consistent schedule that makes sure each area of my life is taken care of. YAY! :) Thank you!!!


Why do I need this course to create my plan?

If you aren't putting your goals and priorities first on purpose, you'll never spend enough time on them.

And quite honestly, if you haven't done it on your own yet - will you be able to create it AND still manage your life while you're doing it?

I created this course for people just like you and I.  People who have great aspirations and start their day with good intentions but end their day in dispair because there wasn't enough of this...or that.

By having an intentional schedule and plan, you know what you'll be doing each day.  You won't be distracted by other to do's.  You will be able to manage it all.

But you can't do it half way.  You've got to commit to fitting the pieces of the puzzle (your life) together in a way that works and makes sense.

If you continue as you are now, you'll still end up being distracted, doing things last minute that "need to be done right now" and NOT spending time on what's important to you.

The end result means

When you're working on your business, you can focus on your business- knowing the laundry and the cleaning will get done another time.

When you're with your kids and family, you can enjoy them because you know when you'll be working on your business.

When doing any task, you'll know what to do next because it's scheduled in.  No more spending 30 minutes just deciding what to do.

Welcome to the best way to manage all of your responsibilities and get more done!  

This isn't just time management - it's life management.

Check it out

Look at this list of responsibilities most of us have and then tell me having a planned out method to accomplishing it all wouldn’t help...

  • Wife
  • Mom
  • Entertainer
  • Household manager
  • Personal Assistant to everyone
  • Documenter
  • Maid
  • Laundress
  • Personal Chef
  • Organizer
  • Financial Planner
  • Accountant
  • Full-time job/career
  • Part-time job(s)
  • Business owner
  • Marketer
  • Student
  • Course creator
  • Mentor
  • Volunteer
  • And this is just part of the list....

    This course is for you if...

    • You constantly feel busy and can't get ahead
    • You are always in survival mode
    • You feel like you have no time to build your business
    • You want to find a way to do all the things you HAVE to do, plus the things you WANT to do
    • You want to meet or exceed your goals
    • You want more time for the things that are important to you
    • You want to STOP being a step behind and doing things last minute
    • You want to be clear on what you should be doing with your time

    I was able to implement a plan where I have control of my time in order to create freedom from the pressure and weight of everything I know that I need to get done. I am NOW focused, intentional, productive and efficient, not just busy.   I now get to do things I WANT to do, not just what I have to do.


    I am finally gaining control over my schedule and my day vs running around trying to accomplish too many things at once!! I now schedule planning time so I have things ready to go ahead of time!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    I don’t want my days planned out minute by minute.  Is this system restrictive?

    Actually on the contrary, this system gives you freedom!  You’re not always one step behind and you build downtime in…and I encourage NOT scheduling every second!  Having said that, I understand how you feel.  I’ve had lots of clients feel the same way.  But what we have all found is that the schedule actually gives us the ability to have time for ourselves and what we love.  Without it, we didn’t have time for those things.  And to us – that’s freedom!

    I’m a procrastinator and I know that’s my biggest problem.  I don’t think I need a schedule – I just need to stop procrastinating!

    Yes, you do.  BUT, a big part of procrastinating is not knowing what to do – not having a roadmap or a plan.  This system takes the decision of what to do away – you already know what you’re doing and when you’re doing it.  You’re MUCH less likely to procrastinate this way

    My life is too unpredictable to have a schedule.

    There are stages of life that you can’t always predict your day.  BUT having this kind of intentional schedule actually HELPS.  Because part of this system is having a plan for when things don’t go as we expected.  There’s contingencies built right in.  You’re whole day or week doesn’t need to unravel because something didn’t go right.

    I have little kids, I don’t think I can maintain a schedule.

    On the contrary, a schedule is JUST what you need!  Yes, little kids make our days a bit unpredictable but intentional schedules are really good for YOU and for your KIDS!  I promise!  I started this system when my kids were home with me 100% of the day.  It made a HUGE improvement on my days and on my kids.  I was more organized, happier and enjoyed my kids so much more!  AND my kids knew when Mommy had work-time that they would get my full attention after the hour was over.  They actually started to entertain themselves VERY well....I consider it a gift to them and to me.

    About Your Host

    I am no different than you.  We ALL have a ton of things on our plates.  But I got sick of being “busy” and not doing anything that was fulfilling or meeting my goals.

    As a matter of fact, I had the same goals for a couple years because I spent so much time in survival mode, putting out fires, taking care of everything else….none of which focused on my priorities.

    I wanted to spend quality time with my family.  I wanted to build my business and increase my income.  Plus I had some personal goals that I could not seem to do anything about.

    I knew something had to change or I would have the same goals for several more years.

    So I decided I needed to be more intentional with my time.  I put together a schedule that included every minute detail responsibility in my life so I could figure out what I needed to do or change to be able to focus on my goals and priorities – and still get the stuff done that needs to get done.

    After some trial and error, I found a system.  And it’s worked GREAT for me!  I’ve learned some really valuable lessons about time, intention and letting go of ideals. 

    I started sharing this all with colleagues, customers and clients.  I started to help them come up with their own system.  And that is what I’m going to share with you in this course. 

    I have a vision to enhance others’ lives; focusing on those who are struggling to make all aspects of their life fit together.  To move people out of survival mode to a life of intention, focused on goals, priorities and what’s important to them.

    Emily Muia

    Reclaim Your Time is not currently live.  

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