I am a “work from home” Mom of 2, a wife, an entrepreneur, and an online business owner. I believe we all must live with intention to consciously create the life we have always wanted.

I believe that our desired lives don’t happen TO us; that we need to CREATE them. And that only happens with intention.

I have a passion for helping and mentoring others who are going down similar paths as I have in motherhood, business ownership and life!

I am “paying it forward” by empowering, encouraging and training other women who want to learn how they can build the life they want; the business they want.


You see, I had stopped dreaming. I had decided to stay home with my children when we had our first, and in the process of diapers, feedings, tantrums, laughter, love and lots and lots of hard work, I realized that while my children were doing great – I had lost myself along the way. I no longer did anything for myself or had anything to call my own.

I was determined to find something that will still allow me to be home with my kids but give me a sense of worth. After some searching and considering, I enrolled in my primary business in June of 2014. I still have that primary business; but I also have become a business and a coach for intentional living.

Emily MuiaI help others achieve fulfillment, balance and joy by living with intention. I believe in empowering people to dream big and to create the life they desire. Your desired life doesn’t happen TO you; you need to CREATE it. And that happens with intention.

This is where you come in. I know there are a lot of people out there who have and are struggling to find their way – in life and maybe in business too – just like me. I want to help others, including you, to see that there is a way to make it all work. That you can enjoy your life, get lots done and build a life you love.

Through my own journey, I started to dream again. I have big goals and I’m getting there – are you? If not, I want to help! I’ve always wanted to give back to help people – as I’ve been helped by my mentors and coaches.

The only question left is – – ARE YOU READY?

Let’s work together to build your dreams – the life you’ve always wanted. We only get one chance – don’t waste it!

Connect with me today!


The Secret to Getting More Done and Living the Life You Want!

Without Spinning Your Wheels, Wasting Your Time or Neglecting Yourself.

-- No more chaos.  No more overwhelm.  No more guilt. --