Resolutions Suck! What to do instead.

For 3 years I set the same resolutions/goals.  For 3 years, I ended the year feeling disappointed, discouraged and depressed.

I’d spend much of the holiday season mad at myself.  Mad that I couldn’t seem to make any changes or make progress on getting where I wanted to be.

Then I’d spend the first few weeks of January with conviction that this year would be different.  I’d commit to the same goals again and think that just by recommitting, they would all get accomplished.

But in all that time, I never MADE them happen.  I never took the time to figure out what I truly needed to do to make the changes happen and stick.

I think I thought if I’d declare it, it would happen….or that I’d be so focused on making the resolutions/goal come to life that I didn’t have to spend any time planning HOW I was going to make it happen.

But it wasn’t working.  And each year I’d end the same way.

But then one year, I decided I was bucking the resolutions.  I was not setting goals for the year….what a waste of time!

I started to do something different.  And I started to make progress and move towards the vision I had for my life and my business.

And this year, I’m sharing it.  I’m putting it out there because other people (YOU) need to know there is a better way!

There’s nothing wrong with starting the year off determined and ready to conquer the world.  But in my Resolution Formula, that determination doesn’t just last for a couple weeks.

It actually REALLY propels you forward.  So I want to scream it from the rooftops so you can embrace this new way of making a resolution and REALLY have 2019 be your best year yet.

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