How NOT to Describe What You Do

I am waiting in line at the security checkpoint when I hear two people chatting about why they are flying today…

They were having quite an engaging conversation…(so much so I was listening! Lol).

The man asks, “what do you do for a living?”

The woman looks at him and smiles a huge smile.

Her body stiffens and honestly it appears to me like something shifts in her.

And she starts her pitch…I mean was so obvious.

I believe she started with, “I run my own business from home in my free time. It's the best opportunity for anyone…”

After that I started studying the man she was talking to.

He was shifting his body back and forth. His eyes started darting around.

He was no longer engaged and she was still talking without pausing or even taking a breath.

I'm pretty sure he glazed over and stopped really listening at the same time I did.

I imagined he was wondering how long he was going to have to listen to this...

Then I heard her say, “It'd be great for you. Or maybe your wife. Can we set up a time to talk next week?"

Before even listening to his answer, she had her phone out on her calendar.

Luckily (for him) the line started moving.

And she lost him in the shuffle after that.

But in truth, she had lost hin WAY before that. I think she lost him in the first few seconds.

When someone asks us this question, we have about 2-4 seconds to grab their attention anf start a dialogue.

How do we do this?

I outline exactly how to describe what you do in 20 seconds or less in this brand new guide.

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Get it now! And master this introductory conversation. Then go out and practice it!

Talk soon. Cheers!

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