End the “Hustle” and Do THIS Instead!

I had a basketball coach in high school that said the word "hustle" ALL the time. It was annoying.

It seemed like every other word was "hustle"

Hustle up Emily!

Hustle down the court!

Hustle for the ball!

Hustle on to the bus!

Hustle. Hustle. Hustle.

Maybe that's what started my despise for the word hustle.

When I started my first business, the month end madness (or hustle) always felt so uncomfortable to me.

It felt frantic....desperate even.

But I tried to play the game. I'd post a picture of me at my computer with my phone in my hand at 11:30 at night on the 31st with the caption - - - 

"I'm so close to my goal - who needs some skincare?"

Honestly? It was ridiculous.

I'm embarrassed about it now.

And after moving to a more attraction marketing approach, I can proudly say....


Swap Out The Hustle For THIS

If I am going to tell you to stop doing something....I'm going to have an idea of what you can do instead.

You'll have to watch the video below to find out the full suggestion.

But let's just say, it is not as stressful - or desperate.  And if you do this regularly, you will find yourself more aligned with your life and business.

You will find yourself attracting customers, clients and team members to you...without begging them to buy something!

Because it'll be genuine.

It starts with an R...any guesses?

Check out this 4 minute video to learn what it is!

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