A Simple & Easy Way to Set Your Intention for 2019

As of the time I'm writing this, there is 15 days until Christmas....

And Im curious....have you started thinking about 2019?

Do you set goals or declare a resolution?

I believe in goal setting and having a vision of how you want your live to be. However I'm not too keen on creating a year long goal.

While I think goal setting is important, setting goals for a year isn't always effective.

Things change so much in just a few short months that most of the time, we end up not achieving our goals and then we feel like failures.

What if there was a way to set your intention for the year without having strict goals for the whole year?

Here's a simple and easy way you can plan for next year....

Rather than setting a goal, try setting your intention with a word.


Try picking a word (or 2 word phrase) that embraces all you want out of your upcoming year.

Some examples of mine in year's past include:

  • Joy
  • ️Growth
  • ️Consistency
  • ️Breakthrough

  • My 2019 word is Trust.

    Sometimes it's something I want for my year. Sometimes it something I'm focusing on be better at for the year.

    I use the word as a mantra. I can literally be seen repeating it over and over to myself in the car, as I'm visualizing success or right before a video or speaking event.

    What I personally love about it is that that one word can help you easily decide if what you are doing, or considering doing, fits into your intention for the year.

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    Now, if you’re interested in setting some serious intentions, AND a vision for your life, keep eyes open for something coming up really soon….

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