3 Mistakes You Are Making When Talking About Your Business

Why is everyone ignoring me?
No one responds to my messages.
I barely get any engagement on my posts.
People avoid me in the grocery store.
And I can literally see people’s eyes glaze over when I start talking about my business.

It is so frustrating! And seriously embarrassing!

I hear this kind of thing all the time.

What if the way you are talking about and presenting your business, product or service is the CAUSE for these things?

I can almost guarantee that this is true.

But don’t feel bad! I used to do the exact same things and I had the exact same results.

So, I want to help. I’m going to touch on 3 mistakes that all entrepreneurs make when talking about and/or presenting their opportunity, service or product.

Mistake #1:

There is NO EMOTION in your messaging. 

Scroll back up to the top of this article. See how I used the pain and emotion of the situation to pull you in? Did you feel yourself nodding?

The emotion connects us. The emotion captures the attention of the reader – i.e. your prospect.

The truth is people make decisions with emotion. Not logic. So, if you aren’t using emotion in your messaging, you’re not pulling them into your conversation, post, etc.

Mistake #2

Leading with features

To be brutally honest, no one gives a crap about what ingredients are in your product or what your compensation plan is or what comes with xyz packing.

They will eventually and that conversation can take place at some point – but not when you’re trying to get them interested in your business.

People want to know the benefits of your product, service or opportunity. They want to know what they get out of it.

The transformation or the result is what you should be focusing on.

As an example, instead of listing what ingredients are in your skin cream and what they do – tell them what will happen with their skin by using the skin cream (you’ll erase your lines and wrinkles - - sign me up!).

Mistake #3

You are screaming – JOIN ME! BUY NOW!

There might be a small amount of people who will jump into action with that, but the majority of people just don’t respond to that. 

Most people find it distasteful and repelling without even knowing it. 

It pushes them away instead pulling them into learning more.

I know what you’re asking….

What do I do instead?

There’s a lot I could tell you, but the best start is grabbing my free guide –

Stop Being Ignored: 3 Network Marketing Message Formulas That Get Attention

In the guide, you will learn:

✔️How to talk about your business in a way that is engaging.

✔️How to stop the scroll in the news feeds.

✔️How to approach people about having a conversation about your business.

Sounds amazing right?

My advice? 

Stop making these 3 mistakes and download the free guide to start learning how you can captivate your ideal prospects attention!

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