Emily Muia

The Secret to Getting More Done and Living the Life You Want! 

Without Spinning Your Wheels, Wasting Your Time or Neglecting Yourself.

-- No more chaos.  No more overwhelm.  No more guilt. --

Welcome To My Website

I’m Emily Muia. I am an online business owner and I also help others build their businesses online and manage their time with intention. This website will give you tools, tricks and hacks to grow your business, meet your goals, get it all done and still manage your life. I specialize in online marketing, business and life automation and time management.

If you are a Mom who feels overwhelmed, stressed and has constant Mom-guilt, I invite you to join my Free Facebook group.

This community is for moms who want:

  • a more peaceful life
  • to be more organized
  • get more done
  • be connected socially

 I want you to let go of the Mom-guilt! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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