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Three Reasons for Spending Money You May Not Have to Build your Business

When most of us start our home-based businesses, we get in it to make money….not spend more money.  Right?

That was me too. Along my journey, I saw so many programs and coaching opportunities that cost money and I would always think to myself “when I’m making more money, I’m going to invest in something like this.”

Sound familiar?  You too?

I was getting desperate and starting to wonder if I should give up and find a different way to make an income.  But my why was too strong, so I kept going and searching.

It wasn’t until I had exhausted my warm market and felt like I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere that I started considering spending money that I didn’t have to build my business.

After doing so, I realized that it was worth every penny,

I’m going to reveal the three reasons to spend money, you may not have, to build your business….and sooner rather than later.

Reason 1: To Develop Your Skills

Business building is really hard work and it requires skills that some of us haven’t developed yet.  Unless you’ve been an entrepreneur before, it also requires a different mindset.

The first step is define what skills you need to master and then search out the right training for those skills.  Free trainings are always great, but to get the depth of training you may require, you might need to pay for the right program.

Not sure what skills you need or lack?  Well, there are training programs for that too!  Find a training or a book that outlines all of the skills necessary to be successful in your field, whether it be Network Marketing or something else.

Paying the money for a training won’t make any difference unless you TAKE ACTION.  Practice those skills in all different settings.  Practice so much that the skill becomes second nature.

Reason 2: To Build a System

When you’re first starting out, you probably don’t feel like a system – to make getting leads, then prospecting and recruiting – is necessary.

But the farther you get in business building, whether or not your business is growing, you see how having a system would make things easier and less time consuming.

Eventually having a system for generating new leads and prospects becomes essential.

Part of this process is using a strategy called attraction marketing.  This is a way for you to build an audience of people who choose to be there. Click here to get my free 10-day bootcamp to learn more about this strategy.

Building a relationship with these people is also essential, and having a system for doing that without spending hours messaging them, makes them start to know, like and trust you easier and faster.

When they know, like and trust you and you offer a product or an opportunity without pressure or an uncomfortable phone conversation, they are more likely to buy AND join your team.

Thus, your business grows.  The system is still work, but you’re able to passively

  • generate leads
  • communicate with them
  • and make them offers

Whether they bite on these offers is up to them.  No pressure, no spamming, no spending hours trying to get them on the phone.

The system I use helps me build all online.  It allows me to drive traffic to my page, my website and my offers.  My followers and leads CHOOSE to be there, so I already have something they could be interested in.

Want to learn more? Click here to get your free video that will show you how the system works.

Reason 3: Your Business Won’t Grow unless You Do

Have you heard this before?  Me too.  When I first started my business, I hadn’t even heard of the term “personal development.”

I always considered them “self-help” books, which I guess they are.  But truly, these personal development books, podcasts and trainings help you grow personally and professionally.

My personal experience is that this is absolutely true – your business doesn’t grow until you do.  It may have grown to a certain point but once it plateaus, something needs to change.

So investing in some of these personal development trainings and books is essential to the growth of your business.  This is not always a big investment but is definitely an ongoing investment.

Here are some of my favorites in this realm:

  • The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
  • The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
  • No Limits podcast by Rebecca Jarvis
  • TED talks
  • Polkadot Powerhouse (networking group for women – that’s us in the picture)

Ever been to a conference or convention that’s sole purpose is to build you up, give you the tools to believe in yourself and be persistent in your efforts?

They’re amazing!  Seriously rejuvenating.  Try it – invest in yourself!

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

You may be wondering what your should spend your money on or where you can get the most bang for your buck.

In this video below, I outline where I believe you should spend the big bucks and why.


YOU are Worth the Investment

The bottom line is that YOU are worth the investment.  Your business and YOUR SKILLS are worth the investment.

Now, I want to make it clear that I’m not condoning or telling you that you should go into debt to do this.  But I am telling you that, from my experience, the investment will come back to you.

If you can BELIEVE in yourself and GROW….

If you can develop your SKILLS…

If you can find a SYSTEM that helps you attract people to you, build a relationship with them and ultimately get them through the exposure process passively…

– then you’ve got GOLD.

When I finally paid good money for the training and the systems that did all this for me, it was easier to grow my business.

I became more confident in myself, my strategies and my business.  I was able to talk to people who were already interested.

And I’ve gained so much more along the way.

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Emily Muia

I am a business owner, a "work from home" mom, a wife and a loyal friend. My passion is to remind others that we are never too old to dream and it's never too late to dream big. I want to help people create the life they've always wanted through hard work and dedication to their business.

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Carrie - October 5, 2017 Reply

So many people get recruited to home based sales positions thinking having parties 🎉 is all there is to it. No one tells them upfront that they will need a money source to get through the startup phase.

    Emily Muia - October 6, 2017 Reply

    True. I think it’s all about their goals. If they want to make a couple extra hundred dollars a month, they might be able to do it without any other guidance. But if you truly want to build a business (an empire, if you will), I believe spending money is necessary. Even if you don’t have it…

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