One of the questions I'm asked most often is - - "what business tools do you use in your business you recommend?" Here's the answer...

Whether you're a network marketer or home business entrepreneur, these tools below I am currently using in my business EVERY DAY. I hope you find value in them as well!

Disclaimer: Some of these products have my affiliate link attached and we do make a small commission when purchased. However, these tools have changed the way I do business and I use the value and skills from these products every day. You may not need all of these products for your business, therefore before purchasing, I encourage you to ask yourself, "Will this help me reach my overall business goal?" If the answer is yes, then go for it!

Attraction Marketing Boot Camp - In this FREE 10 day online recruiting boot camp you'll learn how to use the internet to generate leads, identify your hot prospects and get paid while doing it. You'll also discover how to become the hunted instead of the hunter and get your prospects to call YOU about your business! Click here for more info!


Attraction Marketing Formula - In this e-book download you'll learn how to use the internet to permanently end rejection and frustration and sponsor people with ease, how to create an army of business partners without having to pick up the phone, and how to create a never ending list of prospects asking YOU about YOUR opportunity. Click here to get the discount!

10 Minute Traffic Machine - In this 7 module step-by-step training you'll learn everything you need to create a never ending flow of high quality prospects for your business. You'll become a true authority in your niche as you discover where and how to find your ideal prospects and uncover their hidden fears and desires so you can motivate them to take action. Click here to learn more!Click to replace anchor text

Social Media Recruiter - This is the ultimate Network Marketers guide to connecting and recruiting business partners on social media.  Click here for more!  Or click here for your free social media guide!

Elite Marketing Pro Mentorship Program - Not too long ago, I found Elite Marketing Pro. The daily, weekly and monthly training available as an Insider Member of EMP is exactly what you’ll need to learn and implement quickly, with the help of a 1-on-1 coach to keep you focused on growing and promoting your business. Click here for your free video and more!