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How to Make Recruiting Easier and Faster by Building Your Brand Online

If you're like me, you understand the term "brand" but you're not exactly sure how you can build a personal brand based on YOU for your home-based business.

This idea used to be very confusing to me.  But what I did know was that the traditional methods of recruiting were not working for me and it was time to try something new.

Today I'm sharing what I've learned about building "Your Brand."

Your Brand is Your Business!

What is your brand?  Your brand is you and your business.

It’s really quite simple: every action you take in your business results in either…
  • Being more likable, or less likable
  • Having more credibility, or less credibility
  • Improving your reputation, or trashing it
  • Being memorable, or forgettable

Think about this: every person you talk to, you either leave a good impression or a bad impression.

So if someone chooses to never talk to you again, because they think you’re creepy and weird after you tried to prospect them at a mall, then…

That’s your brand - - in their eyes!

So with every action you’re affecting your public image and your relationships in the world — which, in turn, all affect your brand.

Your Brand Online

When you accelerate the prospecting and recruiting process by using the Internet, social media allows you to make an impact quicker, more efficiently, and with more leverage.

By using the same methods I do, you can reach out and connect with far more people than you EVER could with face-to-face prospecting or having home meetings.

The upside is that you can impact significantly more people by building online.

The downside is that if you are doing it wrong or in a sleazy way, you can destroy your reputation and the reputation of network marketing, that much faster!

Build Your Brand Online the Right Way (without being annoying!)

Whatever you do, DO NOT use the same awkward recruiting strategies that you have been taught to do offline.  It'll produce the same results (zero!) and it could end up ruining your brand (i.e. reputation).

You will come off as salesy and pushy, and before too long, people will block you.  It's much easier for someone to avoid you online then it is in person.

You see someone in the supermarket that you've approached about business and they high-tail it the other way.  Don't worry.  We've all been there.

If you use the same approach online, your brand is being defined as a “spammer.”

That, at the end of the day in the context of business, is building a brand.

This old-school approach will only end up giving you a bad name - and a bad brand. 

Thus my original point…

You can build a negative brand or a positive brand.

It simply depends on how you conduct yourself.

If you approach building your business online in a selfish and aggressive way, then your brand will be damaged and you'll still get poor results overall.

Be Strategic with Your Message

It is vital you are strategic with your message on social media in order for your brand to come across as genuine and positive.

Your brand should be about YOU, and not what company you're with. 

As a matter of fact, as part of your strategic method on social media, you should be leading with YOU - NOT with your company's products or your company's name.

It's better if people can't even figure out what company you're with from your social media profile.  

Why?  Because people buy from and join people they know, like and trust.  And because your brand is based on what people think you can do for them.

The bottom line is...

If you’re perceived as someone who can help people achieve their goals or solve a problem in their life, that means you are building a positive brand and people will want to join you or buy from you.

That ultimately serves the interest of the company, by helping you make more sales on their behalf.

On the other hand, when you post stuff about your company & products, in lieu of developing your brand, you are diminishing the role you play in the eyes of your followers.

Remember, people can literally go search the company name on Google without talking to you and buy the product from someone else or even join someone else.

By posting about your company, you are saying the company plays a bigger role in helping them, than you do.

You’re just a sales person – an unimportant commodity – they don’t need. In fact, if you are perceived as a sales person, you are repelling your prospects!

Obviously, in a business that relies on trust and relationships, the prospect NEEDS YOU.

There is a time & place to talk about the company, but that’s only when you present the product or opportunity to someone, not when you are prospecting or marketing in public (which includes online).

Create a little mystery and curiosity, by focusing on what you can do for people or help them with.

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And you haven’t figured it out already, all these lessons apply to building OFFLINE, as well as ONLINE.

DO NOT diminish the critical role you play as an advisor and expert in the eyes of your prospect.

Great networkers position themselves as advisors (not sales people), who can help others get what they want.

The Advantage to Online vs. Offline

Before I sign off, I want to quickly explain why I prefer building my business online versus offline.

The biggest reason is because...

“Old school” methods make true business-building nearly impossible if you’re a busy person.

For instance, think about the time it takes to do a single home or hotel meeting.

If I do one meeting — if I’m lucky — I might have 5 people there.  And if I'm a busy person, I might be able to do one per week.

Now, think about the investment of time, one evening, 5 prospects, maybe 1 joins per month...

Or if you’re doing 1-on- meetings, which I did a lot of...

You spend 2-3 hours with one person; a few times a week - you'd be lucky to have one join or buy per month.

That’s an even more inefficient way of building your business.

And think about it this way…

During that SAME two hours you’re meeting with somebody at a coffee shop, or conducting a home meeting…

You could expose your business on the Internet to at least twelve people!

Meaning you talked to them about what you can help them accomplish and you referred them directly into whatever presentation process for enrolling them as a customer or new team member

And you do that over and over again all day, you've exposed 2-3 dozen people to you and your business every day.

So, the choice is this…

Introduce the business to one or two people per day…or 12 people, every two hours, any time of day?

Which one would you choose?

You can brand yourself on a mass scale where you can…

  • Reach millions of people (literally!
  • Scale your business to whatever heights you want
  • Build a brand that extends beyond your network marketing business
  • Create multiple streams of income (if you want)
  • Recruit en masse

Using this method, with a online presentation, you can basically enroll a few hundred or even a few thousand people in one evening — once you’ve built your brand to that level.

Yes, it takes a little time to learn the skillsets, but let me introduce you to the method of getting there....

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While it is very possible to build your network marketing business offline, the way I’m suggesting is much easier, efficient and quicker in combination with network marketing fundamentals.

You’ll have the tools to build your business automatically—where prospects come to you on a daily basis—ready to sign up and get busy.

So if you’re ready to get started…

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And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!

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