How to Attract Interested Prospects and Customers into Your Business Using Social Media – Emily Muia

How to Attract Interested Prospects and Customers into Your Business Using Social Media

You are using social media to "market" your business.  You think you're posting engaging material.  

You can’t understand why your posts aren’t attracting interest.

People have unfriended you and you swear people are avoiding you in public.

Sound familiar?

In the next few minutes I'm going to show you how to grow your network on social media, specifically Facebook, and turn that network into prospects and customers.  

You are about to discover how you can stop hounding your friends and family and start finding people who are actually interested in what you have to offer.  All on your computer or phone.

When I started using Facebook to "tell" people about what I was doing, I "screamed" for people to pay attention to me in every post and every message. I was so enthusiastic about the company I had joined that I was sure everyone would want to join me in business and/or buy the products.

You too?

This is where most of us go wrong. We broadcast about our company and products on our personal profiles hoping our friends and family (or stranger) will scroll by and think “yes, I want in!”

But what actually happens is that those people you're targeting are "turned off" and will most likely scroll right by those sales messages every time.

Using this method of using Facebook to build your business, simply put, is INEFFECTIVE.

It’s time to learn the right way to build your business on Facebook!

How did I learn all of this? Well, when I realized what I was doing was NOT working, I went searching for a different way to grow my business.

I signed up for this very 10 day online recruiting boot camp that outlined some key strategies that changed the way I ran my business; making prospecting and recruiting much easier.

Okay, let's get started...


It's true - some people have great success using their personal profile to build their network marketing business; however the majority of people will only push people away and come off as "spammy" in doing so.

If done right, it can work. So while there is a place for using your personal profile; it is very limited in your reach and your ability to continue to grow your network.

Personal Profile Limits

One of the biggest limits from using a personal profile is that you can only have 5000 friends. While that may seem like plenty to you, the numbers tell another story.

Facebook, and all other social media applications, use an algorithm. This algorithm can help you but typically it hurts your business.

Why? Because it means that less than 5% of your friends will actually have your posts show up in their timeline.

Why? Because if you’re spamming and blasting your company, its opportunity and its products all over your profile, it causes the percentage of people who see any of your posts (business or personal) go down and stay down.

The goal is to have thousands of users see your information in a short amount of time. But as you can see, the likelihood of that is pretty low.

Additionally, Facebook actually doesn’t like when you use your personal profile to build your business.

It’s actually against their rules and you can get your profile suspended if you’re clogging up the news feed with spam.

Personal Profile and Ads

The main limitation with using a personal profile is that you cannot run ads on your personal profile. You might be thinking “why would I want to run ads?” – most people in network marketing are using and teaching traditional methods to build their business so this is a foreign concept to them.

Here’s why – the most effective way to build your business online is to target a very large number of people to see your posts (i.e. be exposed to you and your business). You can only do this through ads.

Ads are not required, but once you've run through your friends and family, you'll need to find a way to keep growing your network and, in turn, people to talk to about your business. This is where your fan page comes in.


There are at least 5 reasons to using a Facebook Fan Page to grow your network marketing business. Let's go through them.

Reason 1: Access to An Unlimited Number of Users

Not only can you have an unlimited number of users "like" your fan page, you can run ads to an unlimited number of users who may not have liked your fan page..

That’s actually what a Fan Page is intended for – to have a massive amount of people seeing your posts.

In fact, allowing for a massive audience is a focus of Facebook’s business model; therefore this is a great place to build your network that will grow to know, like and trust you.

Reason 2: Building your Leads/Sales

One of the great advantages of using a Fan Page is that building your audience is endless; therefore generating leads and sales is endless. That’s what we want, right?

What exactly does that mean? Well, just in the first month of my fan page, I added over 500 fans; and I continue to add about 100 new fans every week.

The best part of this is that these are not people I add to my page; these are people who add themselves. This means they are already a higher quality prospect; because they chose to be there!

The more fans you have, the more leverage you have. All of your fans are people you can promote your “stuff” to and share value with.

Reason 3: Leverage

Using a Fan Page allows you to build remarkable leverage. Once you’ve set up your strategy for your Fan Page, your business can start to work without you.

After you have a decent following, you can use a system to post in advance, so you don’t need to be constantly thinking about what you’ll post next. And best of all – you won’t be annoying your friends and family.

You can passively build a relationship with your fans every day with every post. You can start branding YOURSELF instead of your company, the opportunity and its products.

All in all, your Page allows you to inactively expose yourself ; which in turn allows you to generate leads, customers, and recruits all while you live your life.

Reason 4: Passive Recruiting

Do you know someone that has joined your company (or another one) and pretty quickly built a large organization? What do they have that you don’t? A large network that know, like and trust them.

This is what you need to build to passively recruit and you can use your Facebook fan page to do it.

Having an active fan page is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how you can start passively recruiting business partners and customers into your business.

With the ability to run ads, you can offer something of value to your target audience, which YOU GET TO CHOOSE. In exchange for that valuable item or piece of information, you can get their email and build an email list, which is another way to grow your network.

Click here to view one of my ads.

These ads generate leads, sales and new business for you – all on their own. Using an automated system like this is a lesson for another day. But if you're curious, check this free video out to learn how the system works.

Reason 5: Keep your Personal Profile....well, Personal.

I’ve always been hesitant to add people I didn’t know to my friend list; especially when it comes to having strangers see pictures of my children. It’s always made me uncomfortable. But I did what my upline encouraged me to do – friend requested a bunch of people I didn’t know.

This meant I had a bunch of people seeing my personal life stories – good and bad – and pictures of my kids could end up anywhere.

And of course the biggest downfall to advertising your business on your personal timeline – I had friends who I DID know, unfriending me or hiding my posts from their timeline. My friend list was basically my prospect list. I had approached everyone about my business.

When I learned about using a Fan Page, I was SO relieved. I’ve even cleaned up my friends list. While I want my following to get to know me, it allows me to keep my personal posts – well, personal.

You Get to Live Your Life without Hounding your Friends!

If you're anything like me, you will be delighted to hear that you can live your life while you obtain new prospects/leads. In essence, you can run your business from HOME on an almost automated system without hounding everyone around you know.

I still work my business every day; but that no longer includes prospecting everyone I know and everyone within a 3 foot radius of where I’m standing.  

I get to go to the park with my kids and PLAY instead of looking for a prospect.

I get to go to the mall and SHOP. I get to go out to dinner without striking up a conversation with our waiter. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?


So what are you waiting for?  It's time for you to leverage Facebook's industry-leading platform the right way.  How do you do that?

You can learn how to use your Facebook fan page to permanently end rejection and frustration and recruit people with ease by using the Attraction Marketing Formula. Click here to get it now!

What are you waiting for? Get into action today by clicking below!


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Emily Muia

I am a business owner, a "work from home" mom, a wife and a loyal friend. My passion is to remind others that we are never too old to dream and it's never too late to dream big. I want to help people create the life they've always wanted through hard work and dedication to their business.

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Eloise - October 2, 2017 Reply

I completely agree that a personal profile should remain fun and amusing for family and friends, it always seems to be a turn off when people try to sell and advertise exclusively to the people they know and don’t branch off. I have a blog FB fan page which is growing steady and I love it: twincitiesview

    Emily Muia - October 3, 2017 Reply

    Thank you for your comment Eloise! It’s one thing to let everyone know what you’re doing. It’s another to blast your company and it’s products all over your personal profile. That turns people off. So glad you’re using a fan page!

Jeanine Byers - October 2, 2017 Reply

Does this system advertise marketing business, in general, instead of your product or specific business? I feel like that term is familiar. I love the idea of making a fan page work and FB ads, too. I’ll look forward to seeing your other posts during this challenge so I can learn more.

    Emily Muia - October 3, 2017 Reply

    Hi Jeanine! I’m glad you found it informative. Yes the system can help you advertise any business! And it makes the process of “selling” so much easier. Gad you’ll be following!

Tara - October 3, 2017 Reply

Love this! And it is a big question… market on your own page, or start a Fan page… I was unaware of some of the benefits you have listed, such as ads. I haven’t run any ads yet, but I didn’t know you needed more than a personal page to do so. Thanks for the info!

    Emily Muia - October 3, 2017 Reply

    Thank you for your comment Tara! I’m so glad you found it helpful!

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