My #1 Secret to Maximizing Your Time and Crushing Your Goals

Have a goal or dream you’re trying to achieve but it’s taking forever?

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but when we have a goal or a dream we often feel like it takes way too long to achieve or there’s just not enough time in the day….so we give up.

Run the day

Maybe we have family obligations or children that need a lot of attention and what we want ends up at the bottom of the heap.

Been there.  Done that.

Then we are left feeling guilty, ashamed, and like a failure. Right?! 

Or we feel like that life just isn’t meant for us. 

I’ve been on that rollercoaster personally and professionally many times. 

But then I started to dig deep and make some serious decisions about how I was spending my time.

I had to be honest with myself – I wasn’t’ meeting my goals because I wasn’t putting the actions I needed to take to achieve them in the front row of my life.

I was putting them on the back burner and expecting them to happen by sheer will. Ha!

I had that epiphany awhile back and realized that it was all up to me.  I could make it happen and get really serious about meeting my goals and be laser focused with my life….or I could give up.

I chose the first….and this is what I realized.

The Secret Revealed


What’s the secret?  I’m about to share a simple concept with you that will make a massive impact on your life if you take action and run with it.

The secret is simple…it’s summarized in one word….Intention.

Take a journey with me.  Think about the last time you didn’t have any plan for your day. 

  • What did you do with your day?  
  • If you really examine your day, did you get anything DONE?  Or did you spin your wheels?  
  • Did you wake up and get right to it?

Probably not.  Because when we start our day with no direction, it takes us longer to truly be productive…to actually get something done and scratched off the to do list.

But imagine what happens on a day that you have a plan.  You know what you’re going to do and where.  Saying, “I’m going to work on my business for two hours” isn’t enough.  Knowing what you’re going to do in those two hours is the kind of plan I’m talking about.

The last day you had a clear plan for the day, how did your day go? 

  •  What did you do?  
  • Did you get anything DONE?  
  • Did you wake up and get right to it?

The answer is most likely yes.  Because when you have a plan for what you’ll do for the day, there’s no wasted time deciding what to do.  There’s less wasted time checking emails, scrolling social media and getting coffee.

It all comes down to intention.  The more days you spend with intention, the farther you’ll get on your goals and the more you’ll get done.  It is simply the best way to maximize time and meet your goals.

What Is Intention?

Intention is defined as a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. Intention involves mental activities such as planning and thinking ahead.

Using intention within your days, your weeks, your year and your life creates focus and clarity that you may never have experienced.


When we set a goal or have a dream that we want to achieve, we are super pumped. We are ready to get at it.  But as time wears on, life tends to take over.  Things happen that pull you away from focusing on achieve that goal or dream.

Before we know it, days have gone by…then weeks…then months and maybe even years and we are not much closer to getting where we dreamed to go. 

This is true no matter what your goal is – could be business or career orientated, could be weight loss or buying a certain car or house.  Way too often, our goals and dreams get pushed aside to deal with regular old daily life.

But if you start living your life with intention, your life can be transformed.

Having that clear direction and clarity makes a huge difference on your progress and your attitude.  Having an intentional plan (that includes daily, weekly, monthly actions) for how you’re going to reach your dream and have the life you’ve always wanted is how you’ll get there.

Where Do I Start?

Simply put, you start with a road map.  This road map should outline a series of ACTIONS that get you from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest time possible.

Using this kind of road map will keep you on task. Even if you only have small bits of time to focus on your goals, you can still make progress

Create this road map by listing all of the steps and repeated actions that need to be taken to reach the goal.  That will become your daily method of operation (DMO) and your guide. Please note that this DMO can change when you learn new things or try new strategies.

Here are a couple examples.

Susie wants to be one of the top earners in her company; this is her ultimate goal/dream.  Her next step is to reach Level 5 in her home business/network marketing company in a year.  She is currently at a level 3.  Susie writes down what she needs to accomplish to make that Level 5, then breaks it down by ACTIONS she can take.  Her actions include daily, weekly and monthly goals that stretch her but that are still doable.  Then she looks at her calendar and decides when she can commit to taking these action steps throughout her days and week.  When 3:30 on Thursday rolls around and she has 1 hour to work – she gets right to it because she knows exactly what she needs to do.

Mark wants to lose 50 pounds and wants to be active again.  He knows what he has to do to make that happen; so he breaks it down into daily habits and weekly habits that need to happen to lose the weight.  Some daily habits include exercising 45 minutes 6 days a week, having healthy meals and not eating snacks.  Some weekly habits he needs to complete are creating a meal plan, going grocery shopping and then prepping his meals.  Next, he pulls out his calendar and makes sure his schedule has room for everything in the above (he may need to get up earlier to make it happen).  This will be his number one priority (other than his family).  He never has to question what to eat because it’s planned and prepped.  He is prepared.

Living your days with intention specifically eliminates the “what should I do now?” time waster.

The Most Important Aspect

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you need to be disciplined in putting those actions into practice.  This is the one giant step to becoming intentional with your time.  

That means protecting the time you’ve set aside to make progress as well as not allowing yourself to skip it.  It’s a slippery slope – don’t go down it.  Trust me.

When you are intentional with your life and your daily routines, you CAN strategically reach your goals while still spending time doing the things that are most important to you; WITH the people who are most important to you.

So what are you waiting for?  Get your pen and paper out and start mapping our your own roadmap to the life you’ve always wanted.

Only YOU can make your goals/dreams come true; no one else can get you there.  So start maximizing your time with intention and watch yourself crush those goals.


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