Meet Emily – Emily Muia

Meet Emily

I am a business owner, a “work from home” mom, a wife and a loyal friend. My passion is to remind others that we are never too old to dream and it’s never too late to dream big – bigger than you think is possible.

You see, I had stopped dreaming. I had decided to stay home with my children when we had our first, and in the process of diapers, feedings, tantrums, laughter, love and lots and lots of hard work, I realized that while my children were doing great – I had lost myself along the way. I no longer did anything for myself or had anything to call my own.

I was determined to find something that will still allow me to be home with my kids but give me a sense of worth. After some searching and considering, I enrolled in my primary business in June of 2014.

I was so excited to get started. If you’re like me, you have tried everything to get someone to join you in business…I spammed, I begged, I pleaded. I approached anyone and everyone. Trust me – I tried it all. Have you too?

After a lot of struggles with rejection and getting nowhere, I started searching for a better way. And I found it – I found the RIGHT way to use social media – and you can too. I now have people reaching out to me looking for more information – and, guys, it’s a lot less time consuming.

I learned about something called “Attraction Marketing” – – right away, I knew I was onto something.  Click here to learn more about Attraction Marketing Formula.  I started using the principles of this formula immediately and this is when my business started to change.  I was able to use strategies that had people coming to me.   

Dream Big and Create the Life You Desire.   

This is where you come in.  I know there are a lot of people out there who have struggled to make their business work – just like me.  So i put this blog together for YOU.  I want to help others, including you, to see that there is a way to make it work.  I put the legwork in for you.  I have put together the tools, resources and my experience and tips that I have used in my business to help YOU reach your dreams.

Through this journey, I started to dream again. I have big dreams and I’m getting there – are you? If not, I want to help! I’ve always wanted to give back to help people – as I’ve been helped by my mentors and coaches.​

I know you will find value in these resources.

This CAN give you financial and time freedom if you’re willing to work hard, be coachable, commit to the process and NEVER give up!  Through this blog, I will share things that have been crucial for me, what I have learned along the way and products I recommend.  The only question left is – – ARE YOU READY?​

Let’s work together to build your dreams – the life you’ve always wanted. We only get one chance – don’t waste it!

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